Commission status: OPEN!

Basic Commission Information:
✦ Payment is through PayPal invoices, paid up front.
✦ Upcharges may occur for complex designs, large wings, complicated outfits/armor, or mecha. Ask for a quote!
✦ Upcharges may occur if you do not have a visual reference of some kind of your character.
✦ I would prefer censored or SFW refs for SFW commissions, though it isn't necessary. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME REFS CONTAINING: IRL hearts or cockroaches.
Will draw:
✦ Mecha, furries, humans, humanoids, fanart, props (like flags, books, etc), character interaction, LGBT+ characters and relationships, NSFW content and kinks (for 18+ commissioners only; contact for examples; fullbody style only for NSFW commissions - no chibis).
Will Not Draw:
✦ I may decline to do art that uses real people as a reference due to lack of experience using these sorts of references.
✦ LGBT-phobic content, racist or otherwise bigoted content.
✦ Gore or excessively violent content
✦ Backgrounds (simple backgrounds like grass, a galaxy background, or solid colors or gradients are fine)
✦ Cockroaches or designs based on them.
✦ I reserve the right to decline a commission request, and I am not required to explain my reasons for doing so.
Expected Turnaround
✦ Turnaround for YCHs tends to be around a week. Turnaround for other types of commissions is usually under one month; an estimate will be given at the time of purchase, or you can ask for an estimate.
✦Commissioners will be contacted if an emergency delays my estimates beyond a few days.
✦Please discuss any deadlines with me; I will do my best to accommodate them!
✦ Deadlines may require a rush fee, at my discretion.
✦ You are welcome to ask for updates at any time! You may also check my public commissions queue for updates: Click Here for Queue
Refund Policy
✦ Please discuss refunds with me before filing a chargeback! This is my only source of income and I do my best to guarantee customer satisfaction!
✦ If your commission has not been started you will receive a 100% refund if requested. If it has been sketched, you will receive a 70% refund. If it has been lined/colored I am not able to offer a refund, unless there are extreme circumstances or I have failed to meet the terms of our agreement.
✦ Refunds will NOT be offered if the commission was completed according to client specifications, and is of the same quality as advertised.
✦ For anything except for sketch commissions or YCHs, a sketch will be sent for approval before the commission is completed. Any edits are welcome at the sketch stage and will not incur an extra charge (though they may delay the inital estimated timeframe for completion), major edits after the product is finished will incur a charge.
✦ Commissions may be posted to my social media UNLESS you specify that you do not wish for me to do so! I’m fine with not posting things, but you must tell me up front.
Edit Policy
✦ For YCHs, edits will only be made if I have made an error that is clear from the refsheet. Please specify any details that you feel are important that are not on the refsheet before the commission is started. Things like hairstyle, tail position, clothing, etc, WILL NOT BE CHANGED after the completion of the YCH (unless you consent to an upcharge for the added work).
✦ For other commission types, major edits including redrawing the entire pose is allowed at the sketch stage. Once the sketch is approved, only minor edits such as overlays, small color fixes, etc will be done for free; large edits will incur an upcharge (unless they are due to an error or misinterpretation of the refsheet or given information)
✦ You may use/repost the art you commission on any site you wish, as long as you credit me as the artist! You may also make merch of it FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, you may not use work I have done for you to make profit unless this has been discussed.
✦ You may not repost my personal art, or art I have done for other people.

Email: [email protected]
DM me on twitter:
Note me on FurAffinity:
DM me on instagram:

Wiggle Icons - $35 Each
(Includes minimal shading)

Regular Icons - $25 Unshaded, $30 Shaded
('Unshaded' has minimal shading similar to wiggle icons)

Chibis- $30, Extra character + $20
Solid color, gradient, or transparent BG included.
Simple backgrounds (last 2 images) may be discussed for an upcharge

Full Lineart Style
Halfbody: $40, + extra character: +$30
Fullbody: $60, + extra character: +$45
Shading: +$10 per character

✦Basic refsheet cost if you ALREADY have some sort of image drawn of the character: $70; this would get you one fullbody, flat colored, and whatever info you want on the sheet- likes, dislikes, name, color reference, etc.
If you only have a description of the character, or otherwise need me to design them, that costs +$20, for a base price of $90.
✦+$30 for a chibi; I can do different outfits on the chibi for +$15 each additional outfit
✦+$50 for an entirely new fullbody – i.e. a backview of the character
✦+$30 for an additional feral ref
✦very complicated markings, or wings, will incur an extra charge – we can discuss this on a case by case basis
✦ADDONS: +$20 for an expression headshot, +$10 for an item (collar, book, prop, etc) or detail shot (maw, paws, etc
✦Alternately: I can do a feral-only or chibi-only ref, with the base price for this starting at $40 for just the feral or chibi and likes/dislikes/etc.

Want me to draw something different, or in a style, not pictured here? Feel free to ask for a quote!

Here are all the pokemon icons I've done so far! If you'd like to use one, I've linked a folder with all the transparent art and a background template so you can make your own!If you'd like a physical button of an existing design, I can do that for you for $5, with any background of your choice !Here's the dropbox folder: